Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE traditional pancakes. But sometimes it’s nice to make a wee bit of an effort to make ricotta pancakes which are extra special.

Super moist inside with a flavour that is almost a bit cheesecakey, even when you don’t know it’s a ricotta pancake you’re eating, you know it’s different to the usual.

These are the pancakes that posh bistros have on their menus. Like Bills. Any Sydney-siders fond of Bill Granger’s ricotta pancakes? No need to battle the traffic into the city on weekends, not to mention the queue for a table. Just make these at home! 🙂

Ricotta Pancakes hold up quite well made ahead too. Because they are so moist, they don’t suffer as much as ordinary pancakes (in my humble opinion) when reheated and they sweat slightly. It’s pretty much how they are straight off the stove.

These are lovely just served with butter and maple syrup, but I figure if I’m making the effort, I may as well go all the way. By “all the way”, it just involves sprinkling halved strawberries with sugar and leaving them to sweat for a bit to soften the strawberries and extract some of the juice. The fancy word for this is “macerated strawberries”, but really, all it means is that the strawberries are softened slightly.

A perfect match for the extra soft, fluffy ricotta pancakes.